Longueuil + your employees = guaranteed success

Thanks to the unique character of each of its boroughs, Longueuil boasts a selection of living environments to suit all tastes. Its hundreds of neighbourhoods cater to a wide range of housing and lifestyle choices. There are numerous parks and recreational facilities to meet the needs of residents, an abundance of cultural activities, and a vibrant community life. The proximity, availability and variety of services are just some of the advantages of a city the size of Longueuil!

Milieu de vie exceptionnel

An exceptional living environment

  • Diverse housing options
  • Strong potential for economic development
  • A welcoming and stimulating living environment
  • Vast green spaces
  • Peaceful residential and urban neighbourhoods

Festival des percussions


  • Popular events
  • Festivals
  • Professional shows and concerts
  • Performing arts companies
  • Exhibits

Parc Marie-Victorin

Healthy lifestyles

  • 198 parks
  • 155 sports fields
  • 48 skating rinks
  • 45 swimming and wading pools
  • 4 skateparks


Active mobility and public transit

  • 7 transit corporations
  • 4th largest metro station in the entire subway system
  • 168 km of bicycle paths
  • 443 buses operating on a 789-km network
  • Train station with park-and-ride lot