Longueuil, a city of culture and entertainment

Longueuil and its partners offer a host of activities, celebrations and events that make the city a vibrant and welcoming place. For example, the Lumifest, the Marché de Noël et des traditions de Longueuil, the festivities surrounding the Fête nationale du Québec and Canada Day, as well as the Sommet des arts et de la musique (SAM) are just a few of the events that are attended annually by thousands of festival-goers from all over Québec.
Thanks to the numerous cultural partners on its territory, Longueuil also offers performing arts companies, festivals, professional concerts and shows, and popular cultural events, such as the Printemps culturel, the Festival Petits bonheurs, and the Journées de la culture.


Marché de Noël

Created in 2007, the Marché de Noël et des traditions de Longueuil showcases nearly 70 artisans, who are on-hand to sell the fruits of their labour to members of the public. The market is a forum for meetings, friendly chat, shopping and culture, enjoyed by everyone who takes an interest in Québec’s history and in the expertise of its artisans and agrifood producers.

Inspired by European Christmas markets, the Marché de Noël et des traditions recreates the warm, festive atmosphere of villages of yesteryear. Artisans, artists, Santa Claus, music, singing, dancing, a children’s train, a large illuminated Christmas tree, and tiny houses are all part of the celebration, to the delight of young and old alike. The market is a joyous, playful gathering place where visitors are invited to celebrate Christmas according to their own traditions.


Cultural Life - LumiFest

Lumifest is a free outdoor event that plunges Vieux-Longueuil into a digital world where animated works are projected onto several buildings by renowned Québécois projection artists (video mapping) and where 12 Lumichefs serve up eclectic gourmet offerings.

The participating companies project their visual creations onto building facades and invite passers-by to interact with the works while enjoying a unique sound universe. Prestigious chefs concoct “sloppy food” while DJs and VJs contribute to the overall sensory experience.
This innovative event—the only one of its kind—is a unique rendezvous for the multimedia industry.

This innovative event—the only one of its kind—is a unique rendezvous for the multimedia industry.


Cultural vitality

As part of the Prenez Place summer event, the Sommet des arts et de la musique (SAM) is a six-day celebration of free activities throughout the city. Each year, more than 30,000 festival-goers participate in some 40 cultural events that take place in locations throughout Longueuil.

With renowned artists performing daily, concerts created especially for the occasion, and a unique program that combines music, performing arts, visual arts, literature, dance, theatre and film—not to mention the excellent outdoor evening shows at Parc Michel-Chartrand—the SAM is Longueuil’s flagship summer event.


Culture - History - Heritage

Longueuil, a city of history and heritage

Longueuil’s built heritage is a testimony to close to 360 years of history that began with the seigneurie of Longueuil. The current city covers a vast territory replete with buildings that bear the traces of the many different eras that have marked its evolution—many of which date back to the French Regime. A testament to its rich history, Longueuil’s built heritage resonates with the echoes of its faraway roots, the settlement of its villages and the tribulations of its founders, the bustle of its economy built on transportation and industry, and the memories of its history as a resort destination.
A source of pride and belonging for its residents, Longueuil’s identity is built on the knowledge, recognition and transmission of its cultural heritage in all its wonderful diversity. Dynamic and ever-changing, Longueuil’s heritage continues to be enriched over time through the city’s urban and cultural development.