• Plan stratégique 2025

    City of Longueuil Strategic Plan

    November 2020

    The City of Longueuil's Strategic Plan 2025 is the result of a rigorous approach, carried out with the cooperation of municipal elected officials, partners and businesses in the territory. (French version only)

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  • PPU Roland-Therrien

    Programme particulier d'urbanisme (PPU) : Roland-Therrien

    March 2017

    As an integral part of Ville de Longueuil’s urban planning program, the PPU for the Roland-Therrien hub is the key planning document outlining the vision for the future of this sector. Its purpose is to identify, guide and harmonize future public and private developments.

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  • PPU Centre-Ville

    Programme particulier d'urbanisme (PPU) : Centre-Ville

    December 2018

    The PPU du Centre-ville is part of an effort to develop and unify the Place Charles-le-Moyne and Longue-Rive sectors to create a downtown that is prosperous, open and sustainable. At the top of the list of priority sectors identified by the municipal government, the downtown core already features all the characteristics typical of this type of environment: the greatest concentration of residential buildings and high-rise office towers on the South Shore, a hub for post-secondary institutions, hotels, the offices of several regional, government and private-sector organizations, a metro station, one of the largest intermodal terminals in Québec, etc.

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  • Downtown Longueuil

    Downtown Longueuil

    February 2018

    An integrated, collective urban project. A unique opportunity to create a new, modern and accessible, urban living environment on a unique site in the greater Montréal area. A one-of-a-kind project in Québec!

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  • Stratégie de développement économique

    Stratégie de développement économique de Longueuil

    February 2020

    Ville de Longueuil’s economic development strategy is in keeping with a global approach that encompasses other, equally important aspects, including innovation, knowledge, the social economy, the environment, and culture. This carefully planned approach includes a series of actions, mostly related to real estate development, whose spinoffs will help to strengthen Longueuil residents’ sense of belonging and pride in their city. To achieve this, Ville de Longueuil relies on the invaluable support of economic players willing to commit to an exciting and promising vision of the future.

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