Action plan: 6 areas of intervention

  1. Management framework: pursue efforts to obtain the official designation as an Aerospace innovation hub, and implement a governance framework and policies to promote research and innovation, partnerships among industry stakeholders, attracting investment and private businesses, and the training of a skilled workforce.
  2. Development: promote the development of well-rounded and sustainable living environments that account for existing issues, such as the needs of the population and aerospace businesses.
  3. Regulation: make the regulatory changes needed to implement the vision presented in the Master Plan and to support upcoming projects.
  4. Mobility: promote better traffic circulation and support sustainable mobility by improving, among others, the available active and public transportation infrastructure.
  5. Infrastructure: plan municipal infrastructure projects (aqueduct and sewer networks) needed to serve lands identified as development opportunities for the airport area.
  6. Environment: ensure the conservation, preservation, and development of existing natural environments and promote the implementation of development projects that respect the environment.