Principe 1 – Incubation et attraction des entreprises

Principle 1 – Incubating and attracting businesses

To promote the creation, attraction, and growth of businesses that are compatible with the six key projects* of l’Espace aéro – pôle Longueuil.

The six key projects are the following: 

  1. Aéro-Campus, one of the largest aerospace training campuses in North America
  2. Space city, combined with activities from the Canadian Space Agency
  3. Electric hybrid propulsion excellence centre
  4. Plating and surface finishing excellence centre
  5. Aircraft certification
  6. Living Lab YHU, for new, sustainable technology, decarbonization, and automation of airport activities
Principe 2 – Mise en valeur des institutions

Principle 2 – Showcasing institutions

To make the most of the resources associated with the presence of renowned institutions in the aerospace industry, particularly the ÉNA, CTA, Canadian Space Agency, and, soon, the ÉTS.

Principe 3 – Écosystème de collaboration

Principle 3 – Collaborative ecosystem

To create an ecosystem that promotes collaboration and innovation between companies, the airport, and institutions, with the goal of attracting and retaining talent and businesses.

Principe 4 – Occasions de développement

Principle 4 – Development opportunities

To seize development opportunities through the optimal use of land available for development in addition to underused land.

Principe 5 – Mixité d’usages

Principle 5 – Diversity of uses

To promote a diversity of uses in such a way that the residential, industrial, institutional, and commercial components thereof complement one another, thus creating a well-rounded living environment.

Principe 6 – Mobilité durable

Principle 6 – Sustainable mobility

To build the aerospace innovation hub around sustainable mobility while profiting from the attraction potential of the Longueuil–Saint-Hubert Exo train station, increased bus transportation, an extensive and safe bike network, and other forms of transportation.

Principe 7 – Valorisation du patrimoine

Principle 7 – Heritage promotion

To highlight the sector’s rich history by showcasing the aerospace industry’s material and immaterial heritage in a museum setting, and by protecting buildings with heritage value.

Principe 8 – Aménagement des espaces publics

Principle 8 – Development of public spaces

To improve the image and attractiveness of the aerospace innovation hub through public spaces and installations, making for a better experience of the premises.

Principe 9 – Préservation de la nature

Principle 9 – Nature conservation

To highlight the natural components of environments of ecological interest, namely Boreal chorus frog habitats and wetlands.