Focused on smart and sustainable transportation

IVÉO Technopole

IVÉO is an innovation ecosystem dedicated to testing new mobility technologies in the smart and sustainable transportation and smart cities sector.

IVÉO helps companies put together demonstration projects by facilitating partnerships between:

  • companies
  • municipalities
  • transit corporations
  • economic partners

With its current brand image and strategic associations, the IVÉO technopole is clearly positioning itself as the Québec leader in smart and sustainable transportation. In addition to promoting our industry, institutions and know-how, the technopole will allow Québec as a whole to consolidate its expertise in collaboration with all other provincial sector stakeholders.
With its mission to make the transportation of people and goods more efficient and more sustainable, the IVÉO technopole relies on a critical mass of some 350 businesses in this sector in the Agglomération de Longueuil. DEL works actively to ensure that businesses in the Agglomération experience substantial and sustainable growth. The IVÉO technopole makes this possible, in particular by promoting and showcasing their expertise, not only in Québec, but also abroad.


CargoM cluster 

The development of activities related to transportation equipment and material on the territory of Ville de Longueuil is also supported by CargoM, the Logistic and Transportation Metropolitan Cluster of Montréal. 

CargoM’s mission is to bring together all Greater Montréal freight transportation and logistics stakeholders, whose activities promote Montréal as an industry hub, around common goals and concerted actions to increase its cohesion, competitiveness, growth and reach.

Specifically, CargoM initiates developmental projects, promotes Montréal’s position as a hub for the transportation of goods, ensures the sharing of best practices and leading-edge technologies, influences the harmonization and simplification of regulations, and promotes the attraction and retention of labour in different sectors of the industry.

The advantages of a cluster:

  • Attracts businesses and firms with related activities;
  • Stimulates innovation and R&D;
  • Creates jobs at the local level;
  • Promotes economic diversification;
  • Improves infrastructure and transportation links;
  • Helps promote the cluster’s activities at various levels

Source: CargoM