Access to Québec's largest workforce

Settling in Longueuil means benefiting from access to the largest labour pool in Québec—that of the greater metropolitan area—while enjoying the South Shore’s high quality of life.

The metropolitan area workforce:

  • Nearly 4 million inhabitants
  • 170,000 university students
  • 11 academic institutions
  • 50,000 new immigrants each year


Main d'oeuvre

An educated population

The population of the Agglomération de Longueuil has a higher level of education than that of the Montérégie region overall, as well as a higher percentage of university graduates (29% compared to 21.1%).

With its high occupancy rate and its economic openness and diversity, the Agglomération de Longueuil is a magnet for workers from the surrounding area.

In Longueuil, you’ll benefit from a service industry hub, major educational and research institutions, a business network, and a skilled, accessible workforce.

High concentration of employment in the following sectors:


A large student base

Longueuil is one of the region's major knowledge hubs, comprising:

École nationale d’aérotechnique (ÉNA)

The École nationale d’aérotechnique (ÉNA) is the largest college-level aviation technology institute in North America and the only one in Québec to offer full college programs in avionics, aerospace engineering and aircraft maintenance.

Every year, it welcomes nearly 1,300 students in its regular programs and provides continuing education to several hundred technicians.


The École nationale d’aérotechnique (ÉNA) is the only educational institution to offer the following programs:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Technology
  • Avionics Technology with a DEC-Bachelor’s degree in Avionics—a joint program with Polytechnique Montréal
  • Aerospace Engineering Technology with a DEC-Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering—a joint program with Polytechnique Montréal


All three programs are recognized by Transport Canada. The ÉNA is also one of the few schools authorized by Canada’s Department of National Defence to train military personnel in aircraft maintenance.